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Window Tint AwardBirmingham Solar Films was the first window tinting company in the Birmingham area to specialize in residential and commercial applications. We have a flawless record since our beginning in 2002. Having been a part in Westchester County Airport, FED 26 Plaza, IMF, UBS, Air National Guard, and many more high profile buildings all over the United States.

We at Birmingham Solar Films in Birmingham, Alabama will make sure that you get the perfect window tint for home or office building.

Window films have the following effects:

Chose from a variety of window films to assure that you will get the highest quality film that is right for you. Window tinting is an art. There are a lot of companies that tint windows however, its one of those things that looks easier to do than it is to do and we at Birmingham Solar Films are very experienced. We take pride in our work. If you need tinting for your car, house, boat or your office Birmingham Solar Films can help.

One of the most cost effective ways to protect your carpet, furniture, home’s appearance or your car is after market window tinting. Not only can tint protect from fading but can also keep you cooler and save you money on your energy bill.

Like anywhere in this economy, window tinting has suffered from a bad reputation that originates from cheap, low quality window tinting films that are sold at stores like Walmart, Automotive Shops, etc... These films usually turn color, produce bubbles, cracks and peels off under direct sunlight exposure.

We at Birmingham Solar Films will not only sell you the highest quality film, backed by a Lifetime Performance Warranty, we also guarantee our professional installations.


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"I wasn’t there to meet the window film installer but I was very pleased with the end result. I noticed a difference in the temperature in our home by the second day after installation."